Detention and Retention, Bio-Retention, Rain Garden Construction

State, city, and town regulations require the control and treatment of stormwater runoff for many projects.  Detention/retention basins, Bioretentions and rain gardens are ways to manage stormwater while meeting governmental requirements.  Farland Corp specializes in meeting municipal and state regulations while staying informed of changes in requirements at all levels of government.

Detention and retention basins are both conventional ways of managing stormwater.  A detetion basin is a depression that temporarily stores stormwater runoff while a retention basin is a depression that stores stormwater runoff for a longer period of time or indefinitely.  Both detention and retention basins can successfully manage stormwater for various projects to ensure the control of flooding.

Bioretention and rain gardens can also be used to capture stormwater runoff to control flooding.  They are vegetated depressions that use plants and soils to provide stormwater treatment while allowing for infiltration. They can be located in various locations of sites including on residential lots and in parking areas.  Bioretentions and rain gardens can also be aesthetically pleasing, adding an extra dimension to the landscape of sites.

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