Rain Gardens in Fairhaven MA

Rain Gardens in Fairhaven MA from Farland Corp

All this rain may be a downer but if you are looking for a great way to give back to nature and avoid flooding from stormwater run-off, you should consider constructing rain gardens in Fairhaven MA from Farland Corp.

Rain Gardens are typically planted in existing depressions in the ground so that run-off water from buildings, roadways, and compacted lawns may be absorbed back into the ground. With rain gardens in Fairhaven MA, you can help your environment by avoiding erosion, flooding, groundwater build up, and potential water pollution.

With the help of our sister company, Thompson Farland Inc. we can have land surveyors inspect your property to determine the best location for your rain gardens in Fairhaven MA. Farland Corp will send a skilled team to your home or business to help break up packed down soil  and create the perfect rain garden so stormwater can be more easily absorbed. Give Farland Corp a call today!