Light analysis and Design

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How often have you walked into an office building and felt like your eyes were being attacked by the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting? You don’t want this to be your customers’ reaction to the incredible project you are designing. Call Thompson Farland Inc. today and ask about light analysis and design.

The difference between an uncomfortable and oppressive space, and a comfortable, airy room, is light. When you ask Thompson Farland Inc. to do a light analysis and design for your building project, you can be sure that you have the best team in the southcoast area working to make your new space the best it can be. Thompson Farland Inc. uses top of the line technology and software to produce the most accurate light analysis and design.

Even better, Thompson Farland’s sister company, Farland Corp, is known for their their efficient, quality construction. When you choose Thompson Farland Inc. for your light analysis and design, you also get the experience and know-how of Farland Corp to help bring your dream project to fruition more quickly.

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