Septic Inspections Freetown MA

Don’t get caught in a bind when buying a new property. Call Thompson Farland for septic inspections in Freetown MA

Don’t get caught without septic inspections in Freetown MA! In this season of buying and selling properties, the most important part of your home inspection is definitely the septic inspection. The septic system is a vital part of any home or building which is why it is so important to make sure you have the right crew for your septic inspections in Freetown MA.

At Thompson Farland we know all of the laws concerning septic systems so we can provide expert septic inspections in Freetown MA for all types of properties from small residences to large condominiums or offices.

In the state of Massachusetts it is the owner’s responsibility to schedule regular septic inspections and maintenance. There are a variety of rules and regulations that may be difficult for some to fully understand without the help of a civil engineer. Some of these regulations differ depending on the type of building (i.e condominiums) and the size of the septic system.

That is where we come in. Thompson Farland has knowledgable and professional teams ready to handle your septic inspections in Freetown MA. And should there be any issue with your septic system that does not pass inspection, our sister company, Farland Corp, can assist in any repairs or replacements, so you are not wasting time searching for the right contractor! Call us today.