Stormwater Drainage Systems

In undeveloped areas, rainwater is unrestricted and may be absorbed directly into the ground on which it falls.  When an area is developed, buildings and parking areas overcome the natural absorption area where the rain would normally be absorbed back into the ground.  These impervious structures offset the typical absorption pattern.  As a result, when rain is not allowed to penetrate, it begins to build up and may cause ponding or flooding and/or begins to flow to another location.  Uncontrolled stormwater can lead to costly property damage and unsafe conditions.  So whether you are looking to alleviate existing ponding issues or you need to construct a new stormwater drainage system to handle proposed development, Farland Corporation, Inc. (FC) has the expertise and equipment to correctly complete your project.

FC installs subsurface stormwater drainage systems for residential and commercial properties.  Drainage systems control roof and driveway run-off thereby eliminating ponding and allowing for alternative land usage such as for a swimming pool or tennis court while meeting EPA stormwater management regulations.  The placement of drainage systems beneath parking areas allows for further site development without sacrificing land area.  Retail development is directly related to the number of parking spaces available.  Subsurface installations maximize land use and capability of additional parking spaces.

Stormwater Drainage System in Fall River MA